1. The terms and scope of services payable

§ 1 Admission

This regulations lays down rules for the use and operation of the website located at the Internet address The provisions of the Regulations and any annexes and additions, which are its integral parts, together with the law on Polish territory, in an exclusive way define the rights and obligations of the Website Users and the rights, duties and responsibilities of the entities claiming the conduct and administration of the services made available through the Website.

§ 2 Definitions

Any capitalized words whose meaning has been defined below, should be understood as follows:

Regulations - this document, including all attachments and appendices, which clearly refer to it;

Website - Website located at the Internet address, which is a web-based platform, which consists of a number of elements relevant Internet services and complex electronically supplied services to Users. Using an application provided by the Website User can create a User Page and online shop. Measure application allows the User to sell Goods over the Internet;

Administrator - the entity managing and running the Website, which is FRUIT MEDIA entered into the business register under number 443295, VAT number: 5272231414, REGON: 140858697;

E-mail box - electronic mail box characterized by individual Internet address of the person (e-mail), through which a person can send and receive messages and other data through the Internet service;

User - a natural person over the age of 18, who creates an Account on the Website, by giving Login and getting a password allowing to log in to Account;

Login - User name in the Website, login is the email address provided by the User at the stage of establishment (registration) Account in the Website;

Account - accessible to the User after logging in (administration Login and password) in the Website, through which a User enters and manages their data and can activate and deactivate various options Website on your User Page, part of the functions of the Website remains not available;

PORTFOLIO Basic - the service is available free of charge for each User;

PORTFOLIO Standard/ PORTFOLIO Professional/ PORTFOLIO Premium - service activated temporarily, after the User a fee. After activation User has access to some or all of the Website functions, depending on the selected service;

User Page - a place on the Internet Site located in the default address, as specified by the User during registration. The User Page's posted (shown) information, data, images, online shop and other items provided by the User, communicated by him to the Website in an autonomous and voluntary; through which it places User can sell Goods over the Internet to other Users or people using the Internet, and non-Users;

Goods - in favor, service or law, which may be sold in accordance with the Regulations;

Seller - User offering Goods for sale as part of an online shop;

Buyer - User or the person using the Internet is not a User, takes action aimed at acquiring or buying the Goods as part of an online shop;

CUSTOM page - a place on the User Page a general nature;

SLIDES page - a place on the User Page dedicated to the presentation of images and videos taken from and;

MUSIC page - a place on the User Page dedicated presentation of tracks in mp3;

THUMBNAIL page - a place on the User Page which is a collection of adjacent elements - images, which can lead to other pages;

BLOG page - a place on the User Page dedicated to the User running the blog;

NEWS page - a place on the User Page dedicated presentation of news;

EVENTS page - a place on the User Page dedicated to announcing events;

CONTACT page - a place on the User Page intended to present the contact details of the User;

SHOP page - a place on the User Page designed to run an online shop;

Help - a place on Website, the User may at any time to learn how to perform specific actions to achieve the desired objectives;

Cookies - these are short text files which are computer data, used to browse the contents of the Website - that are stored on your device the ultimate User.

§ 3 Basic information and technical conditions of the Website

  • Website is owned by FRUIT MEDIA, based in Poland, Warsaw 00-739, street Stępińska 22/30 lok.316, REGON: 140858697, VAT number: 5272231414.
  • The primary purpose of the Website is sharing system on the Internet Users Pages and online shops, maintained by the Administrator, in order to present portfolio of Users and opportunities to sell their Goods over the Internet.
  • To use the services of the Website must have devices to use the resources of the Internet, E-mail box and browser online resource that allows the display of Web pages.
  • Participation in the Website is voluntary and free.
  • Additional paid services only at the express request of the User upon payment of a fee for that service in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and Appendices hereto.
  • Baza Stron Użytkowników podlega ochronie prawnej, a administratorem danych osobowych (w rozumieniu ustawy o ochronie danych osobowych) zgromadzonych w bazie Stron Użytkowników jest FRUIT MEDIA z siedzibą w Warszawie przy ulicy Towarowej 7A/4. Każdy Użytkownik ma prawo wglądu do swoich danych przetwarzanych przez powyższy podmiot, prawo do poprawiania tych danych oraz do żądania zaniechania ich przetwarzania poprzez usunięcie z bazy Stron Użytkowników.
  • Technical conditions for use of the Website, are important for the proper functioning of the Website, its proper appearance in the web browser used by the user, as well as to the security of User data stored on Account in the Website. Each User should adhere to the following conditions and guidelines, and any action taken by you in a different way (intentional or not) are made on his sole responsibility:
    • Users Pages can be displayed based on Flash technology - to view this page properly in your web browser - You should have installed the current flash plugin - to which a link will be displayed when you start User Page.
    • Users Pages can be displayed in the form of pop-ups - a browser window on top of other windows - if the party does not want to show it could mean that the browser is set to block this type of action - to unlock the setting for the Website, or click on the appropriate link when you start User Page who run towards the User Page.
    • Users Pages can be displayed based on HTML5 technology. To view this page properly in your web browser - You must use the following versions:
      - IE11;
      - Chrome 49;
      - Firefox 47;
      - Opera 38;
      - Safari 6;
      or later.

§ 4 Range of services

  • Through the Website Users have the opportunity to present Users Pages as well as a range of data, images, information and other content stored on the User's Account.
  • In the Website Users have the ability to conduct online shop and selling Goods over the Internet.
  • Browse the Website and its individual services may be available to every Internet user, the scope of that access for non-Users may at any time and to any extent constrained by the Administrator without giving reasons.
  • Website is not liable for services provided through it by third parties who provide services to Users in its own name and for its own account, under the terms and agreements concluded with major partners Administrator or the Administrator. Define the rules for the provision of such services should be providers of these services and entity is solely responsible for it and it should address any comments and complaints associated with the services provided, and any complaints directed to the Administrator will be transferred to these entities.
  • Payable services are provided only at the express request of the User is made by its activation on the principles set out in Annex 1 to the Regulations, entitled "The terms and scope of services payable".
  • Services Website at the basic level are fully accessible without restrictions for holders of paid services. This doesn't include additional services payable separately and which are available for each User regardless of status, upon payment of applicable fees.
  • For all Users extent of the access and means of providing the various services of the Website - both existing and created in the future - can be changed at any time (extended or limited) by the Administrator, which also includes the ability to add or remove specific services. These may be subject to the requirement of compliance by Users of additional conditions.
  • The Administrator will be informed on the Website of any change in the scope of services and the reasons therefor.

§ 5 Registration in the Website

  • User of the Website may be any natural person over the age of 18 years, after accepting the provisions of the Regulations will implement the procedure for registering with the Website terminated effective setting up an Account.
  • For this to set up an Account and be a User of the Website and the use of its resources it is necessary internet access, web browser and ownership of any and active E-mail box.
  • The procedure for registering and activating Accounts gradually via E-mail box and the Website and that to achieve User actions are also described at every stage of the registration procedure.
  • A person who fails to make full activation of the Account projected during registration in accordance with the procedure and did not verify the address E-mail box given at the registration stage, it's User Page will not be visible on the Internet.
  • One person can have only one Account in the Website. Cession or share your Account with other people, it's possible after prior approval of the Administrator.
  • Registering an Account on the Website, the User by acceptance of the Regulations comprises the following declaration:
    • any personal data, photos, videos, mp3 and other information that make up the User Page was transferred to the Website on a voluntary basis, and I agree to the publication of the User Page by the Administrator, which means that access to this data will have or may have an unlimited range of Internet users . This does not include the following data:
      • e-mail address provided during registration;
      • the password to the Account;
      • activation codes or other sensitive data access;
    • I agree to the processing now and in the future by FRUIT MEDIA based in Poland, Warsaw, any information given during registration or later in editing an Account or otherwise of Personal Data and submitted to the Website images, videos, mp3 available on the User Page, for the purpose of making this information public and personal data through their presentation in the Website.
  • By providing images, videos, mp3's on the User Page, User represent that:
    • he is entitled to copyright to available materials, which are not restricted to any third party or that it enjoys the right to use the images (license), including, in particular, the right to present images in the Website and the Internet. User represents that the person shown in the above-mentioned materials, have expressed their consent to the publication of their image on the Internet;
    • in the case of a referral by third parties of any claims to the Administrator, concerning infringement of any rights to published material or personal image to third parties, User agrees to submit a written statement relevant content that will release the Administrator from any responsibility in this regard.
  • Information submitted by User to the Website during the registration process or edit Account, they can be moderated by the Administrator, which means that the Administrator may refuse to publish them on the Website, and thereby block the Account and User Page, if contents or information shall not be permitted due on Polish or international law, the Regulations and decency or morality.
  • This also applies to shared images, videos, mp3's on the User Page.
  • After registration, User will receive 14 days access to the services PORTFOLIO Professional.

§ 6 The rights and obligations of the User

  • The User has the ability to show 3 pages on the User Page - CUSTOM page, SLIDES page, MUSIC page. Does not apply to Users who have purchased the service paid and have the ability to show more pages on the User Page.
  • The User can show on the SLIDES page and MUSIC page up to 10 images/ videos/ mp3. Does not apply to Users who have purchased the service paid and have the ability to display multiple images/ videos/ mp3.
  • In the event that the Administrator that User violates the provisions of the Regulations, the Administrator can block the Account or particular services of the Website, stating in the Website of relevant information in this field accessible to all Users. The Administrator will unblock Account or other blocked services at its sole discretion, after confirmation by User actions identified by the Administrator as a cause blockage.
  • The Account can be removed by the Administrator upon prior and identifying the type of violation, giving you 14 days to respond. The call to bring the infringement under threat of deletion of the Account and the User Page may occur if the Administrator finds that:
    • User violates the provisions of the Regulations;
    • User has more than one Account - in this case can be removed all User Accounts;
    • User within 3 months from the blocked Accounts or other individual services Website by the Administrator, doesn’t make the actions necessary to remove the underlying causes of blockage or because of specific circumstances doesn’t guarantee behaviors consistent with the Regulations;
    • The User takes action which, though indirectly may have signs of interfering with the structure of the Website, to which the User hasn’t access to, or the actions of their destabilizes the operation of the Website, regardless of the method and technique of these illicit activities.
  • It is not allowed to use the Website, its functionality in any plane or specific additional services (paid and unpaid) for other purposes - contradictory or inappropriate - than is apparent from the nature and object of the Website, and in particular it is not allowed:
    • disseminating pornographic content;
    • the practice of commercial activities, advertising, promotional competitive for Website;
    • spamming and unsolicited commercial information;
    • taking any action by which a person or entity implementing it tries to influence Users, act to their detriment, damage Administrator or other third parties;
    • publishing in the Website contents violating Polish or international law, decency or moral norms, offending dignity or violate the rights or personal rights of others, supporting radical social attitudes or advocating such ideas (of any kind of racial, ethnic, sex, religion, etc.).
  • User using the Website agrees to abide property copyrights and the rights arising from the registration of patents, trademarks, utility and industrial designs and also the Website.
  • The User may not copy, modify or distribute the content, images, logos, tracks without the prior consent of the right holder.
  • The User who publishes content on the Website that violate copyrights can be held liable under the rules stipulated in the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.
  • If the User fails to log on to your Account for a further 90 days, the Account will be removed (except for paid services). User will be notified 14 days in advance of intention to remove the Account. The notice will be sent by e-mail on the E-mail box, which was indicated when registering an Account.
  • In the case of adoption by the User or a third person informed of the fact enlisted in the Website content violate provisions of these Regulations, the rights of third parties (including copyrights) and the regulations in force in the Republic of Polish law, the User or third party should immediately report such fact by contacting the Website.
  • The User can report a violation of laws by sending e-mail, whose contents indicate the type of infringement and the entity which it has committed.
  • The User may at any time remove your Account from the Website according to the instructions set out in the Help. With the removal of the Account will be deleted permanently's User Page and forever.
  • Deleting Accounts exits to provide all services purchased by the User of the Website, if their provision was necessary due to technological or system to have accounts on the Website.

§ 7 The rights and obligations of the Website

  • In the case of obtaining the information of illegal content on the Website, it can be blocked.
  • The Website isn't responsible for the unlawful actions of the User, if the Website doesn't have awareness of facts and circumstances.
  • The Website in the event that information may call upon User to remove content or block the Account if suspicion existed that, through Account could or could lead to act endangering the safety of other Users through the Website.
  • In the case of obtaining information on unlawful activity Users of the Website, Website is obliged to immediately call for their cessation.
  • In case the Website knew about illegal activity Users, not taken appropriate actions can be held liable.
  • The Administrator isn't responsible for the incidents and events that may be or have taken place in the real world between Users and other people using the Internet, and non-Users, for any reason.
  • The Administrator isn't responsible for the authenticity of the information and data provided by Users to the Website - The Administrator is not possible to verify as to the compatibility with reality.
  • The Administrator doesn't provide in any other way, than it is to the Website and the scope given approvals and statements, information and data about Users to any other third parties without a legal basis requiring the Administrator such action and provides for making every effort to ensure that this information was adequately guarded and in particular in the manner prescribed in the Act on protection of Personal Data and regulations issued thereunder.
  • The Administrator as the owner and manager of the Website will make every effort to Website and all services available through it operate continuously without any interruption, however Administrator doesn't bear any responsibility for any interference caused by force majeure or unlawful interference of Users or third parties.
  • In the case of the so-called "stolen Accounts" carried out by a third party Administrator may temporarily lock the Account after notification of fact by the person entitled. The Administrator is not responsible for downloaded in this way images and placing them in other Web sites or use in any other way by third parties because the Administrator is not possible to block copying photographs from the Website.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to anonymous publication of the contents directed by Users to the Website team, and on issues related to the functioning of the Website (FAQ), given advices and others, which the Administrator consider that the answers to these contents are worth publishing.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to use all the planes operation of the Website to conduct commercial activities, advertising, advertising among Users, as well as to third parties - to be placed on the Users Pages content, banner ads and it is related to the products or services provided by both the Administrator and third parties for the prior express consent of the User, expressed by ticking the appropriate fields of the form - check box. Users agree on posting the content, banner ads on the User Page, sending them advertising content, advertising, etc. when You register by selecting the appropriate icon at the contents of the statement: "I hereby consent to the posting by the Website content of an advertising nature or post-announcement on my User Page". Does not apply to Users of paid services.
  • It is prohibited without the expressed consent of the Administrator in writing to: copy, reproduction or any other use, in whole or in part of information, data or other content and images from the Website, except as permitted use under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (OJ 1994 No. 24 pos. 83).
  • The Administrator reserves the option of deploying the Website in all its dimensions, functional solutions, identification or others, which prove to be appropriate to the subject matter or technical conditions of the Website, in connection with the possibilities of occurrence of behavior or adverse events or threaten the rights or interests of Users, the Administrator or legitimate interests other entities, due to the nature of the medium of the Internet is (a matter of preventing Internet features such as unpredictable directions or opportunities emerging technology risks, the extent of the impossibility of verification with reality, anonymity, etc.).
  • In particular, the Administrator reserves the right to designate different methods and characteristics of the materials submitted to the Website by Users, for demonstrating the origin of the Website, which aims to prevent the use of these materials in a manner inconsistent with the will of Users by any person to unauthorized.
  • Each User can ask the Administrator to discontinue the use of such solutions in relation to the materials derived from it, and the Administrator will be able to refuse that request only where it would violate the legitimate interest of the Administrator or third parties.
  • Any comments, questions, information on the Website may be directed to the Administrator at the address email or post to the address FRUIT MEDIA, street Stępińska 22/30 lok.316, 00-739 Warsaw, Poland.

§ 8 Newsletter service

  • Sending a Newsletter service consists of sending any information via e-mail concerning the activities of the Website.
  • The User uses Newsletter services on a voluntary basis.
  • Użytkownik ma możliwość skorzystania z usługi przesyłania informacji w ramach Newslettera poprzez zaznaczenie ikony "Wysyłaj Newsletter" w panelu zarządzania Kontem oraz podanie adresu Email do usługi Newslettera.
  • Użytkownik w każdym czasie ma możliwość rezygnacji z usługi Newslettera odznaczenie ikony "Wysyłaj Newsletter" w panelu zarządzania Kontem.

§ 9 Personal data protection

  • The data controller is the FRUIT MEDIA, Poland, 00-739 Warsaw, Street Stępińska 22/30 lok.316, VAT number: 5272231414, which operates in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (consolidated text OJ 2002 no. 101, item. 926, as amended) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services (OJ 2002, no. 144, item. 1204, as amended). The database was designed solely to allow Users benefit from the services provided.
  • The Administrator is entitled to disclose Personal Data only to entities authorized under the relevant provisions of law, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and applicable law.
  • The Administrator undertakes to secure data storage.
  • Personal Data and information contained in the registration form will be used by the Administrator to the conclusion, amendment, termination of the contract with the User and to ensure the highest quality of services. For this purpose, administrator processes the following information: e-mail address, User name, password ..
  • The User has the right to access and modify their Personal Data at any time and immediately remove them from the database. Implementation of those rights User may contact the Administrator by sending:
    • e-mail address:
    • post: FRUIT MEDIA, Poland, 00-739 Warsaw, Street Stępińska 22/30 lok.316.
  • The Administrator undertakes to apply technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of data, in particular the protection of data from unauthorized access.
  • The storage of Personal Data has been reported to the General Inspectorate for the Personal Data.

§ 10 Right of withdrawal

This section applies to Users of the Website as consumers.

  • According to the Law of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (OJ 2000 No. 22, item. 271) The consumer may withdraw from the agreement without cause, by making within 10 days from the date Website service activation to issue a statement in writing by registered mail to the address: FRUIT MEDIA, Poland, 00-739 Warsaw, Street Stępińska 22/30 lok.316. To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before its expiry.
  • In the case of withdrawal from the contract by the User, Website will refund the price of the service within 5 working days from receipt of the declaration. Reimbursement will be made on a bank account specified by the User. The Website issues a written attestation to repay benefits.
  • The model declaration is available at
  • The right of withdrawal from a distance contract is not entitled to the User in the following cases:
    • the provision of services commenced, with the consent of the consumer before the deadline referred to above,
    • contracts for services for which the price or remuneration depends solely on the movement of prices on the financial market.

§ 11 Complaint procedure

  • The User has the opportunity to submit any disruption in the functioning of the Website by sending an e-mail to the following address:, whose content fits:
    • User data of the contact,
    • the type of services concerned,
    • type of malfunction,
    • a period in which irregularities have occurred,
    • User charges,
    • circumstances justifying the complaint,
    • possible way You want to remove the alleged infringement, in order to facilitate the complaint procedure.
  • Website will consider filing a complaint within 14 days of filing the complaint, indicating that considers complaints and how it intends to deal with or informing about no grounds for accepting the complaint and the reasons for its position.
  • W przypadku braku informacji o sposobie rozpatrzenia reklamacji, w terminie określonym w pkt 2, reklamację uznaje się za rozpatrzoną na korzyść Użytkownika.
  • A response to the complaint is sent to the user specified e-mail address.
  • If the complaint is accepted, Website shall take immediate action to comply with its content.
  • Complaints addressed to the Administrator, and on services provided by third parties through the Website will be transferred by the Administrator immediately to the competent third party which is responsible for the implementation of the complaint.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to interfere in the technical structure of the User Account in order to diagnose irregularities in the functioning of the services of the Website, and can also make changes and any other effect on the technical side Accounts in order to modify or restore correct operation of the Account or the Website.

§ 12 Resignation from services

  • The User may at any time resign from services provided electronically by the Website (resigned from the User's Account on the Website) without incurring any additional costs and without giving reasons by sending an e-mail or in any other convenient way for the User.
  • On expiry of the notice period the agreement is terminated, and Website ceases to provide services to the User.
  • The Website may terminate the agreement for the provision of services with one month's notice effective at the end of the period in the event of termination of service.
  • The Website may terminate the agreement for the provision of services within 7 days after the cessation of the breach with immediate effect if the User violates the provisions of these Regulations, the provisions of the law in connection with the use of services.

§ 13 Final provisions

  • Regulations are available at
  • Website amends provisions of the Regulations after informing the Users by publishing the consolidated text of the Regulations on the Website, and send its contents to the email address specified by Users. Altered or modified Regulations shall be binding upon the fulfillment of the other conditions provided for by law, only the legal relations arising after the entry into force of the amendments or modifications.
  • Amendments to the Regulations shall in no way prejudice the rights acquired Users using the Website before the entry into force of the amendments.

Annex 1 to the Regulations Website "The terms and scope of services payable"

  • This Annex 1 to the Regulations Website, regulates the provision of paid services PORTFOLIO Standard, PORTFOLIO Professional, PORTFOLIO Premium through the Website whose activation is associated with incurring costs, the principle of activation and any other issues related to these services.
  • The organizer and the service provider is paid FRUIT MEDIA, Poland, Warsaw 00-739, street Stępińska 22/30 lok.316, REGON: 140858697, VAT number: 5272231414, International Bank Account Number (IBAN): PL83109016940000000106574217, BIC code: WBKPPLPP.
  • Activation of paid services PORTFOLIO Standard/ PORTFOLIO Professional/ PORTFOLIO Premium.
    • activate service PORTFOLIO Standard / PORTFOLIO Professional / PORTFOLIO Premium perhaps everyone Website User;
    • aby aktywować usługę Użytkownik winien dokonać wpłaty wymaganych środków pieniężnych lub przelewu bankowego na konto Administratora podane w powyższym pkt 2;
    • will automatically activate the service after receiving confirmation from the bank Administrator inflow of cash into your bank account, the User will be informed on E-mail box, dates frontier period.
    • to activate the service User must make a deposit of cash or bank transfer to the account of the Administrator of the above mentioned point 2;
    • will automatically activate the service after receiving confirmation from the bank Administrator inflow of cash into your bank account, the User will be informed on E-mail box, dates frontier period.
  • Koszt aktywacji usługi PORTFOLIO Standard wynosi odpowiednio:
    • 96 PLN brutto (78,05 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 6 miesięcy (183 dni);
    • 144 PLN brutto (117,07 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 12 miesięcy (365 dni);
    • 240 PLN brutto (195,12 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 24 miesięcy (730 dni).
  • Koszt aktywacji usługi PORTFOLIO Professional wynosi odpowiednio:
    • 156 PLN brutto (126,83 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 6 miesięcy (183 dni);
    • 240 PLN brutto (195,12 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 12 miesięcy (365 dni);
    • 384 PLN brutto (312,20 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 24 miesięcy (730 dni).
  • Koszt aktywacji usługi PORTFOLIO Premium wynosi odpowiednio:
    • 384 PLN brutto (312,20 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 6 miesięcy (183 dni);
    • 638 PLN brutto (518,70 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 12 miesięcy (365 dni);
    • 936 PLN brutto (760,98 PLN netto) w opłacie jednorazowej za okres 24 miesięcy (730 dni).
  • Range of services and privileges provided for Users of paid services:
    • większa liczba zakładek na Stronie Użytkownika - liczba zależna jest od wybranej usługi płatnej - szczegółowy zakres funkcji na stronie "Plany abonamentowe - cennik" w Serwisie;
    • większa liczba zdjęć, filmów, mp3 na Stronie Użytkownika - liczba zależna jest od wybranej usługi płatnej - szczegółowy zakres funkcji na stronie "Plany abonamentowe - cennik" w Serwisie;
    • możliwość przypisania zewnętrznej domeny do Strony Użytkownika - liczba domen zależna jest od wybranej usługi płatnej - szczegółowy zakres funkcji na stronie "Plany abonamentowe - cennik" w Serwisie;
    • the ability to create private password-protected pages (not applicable SHOP page) - a feature of the service paid PORTFOLIO Professional and PORTFOLIO Premium;
    • the ability to temporarily disable User Page - the page is no longer available on the Internet - it also results in not showing User Page on the Website as point g. below;
    • the ability to hide the User Page in Website, then the User Page will not be taken into account for the various types of rankings, competitions, probes and will not appear in search results on the Website;
    • zaawansowana edycja CSS - funkcja dostępna w usłudze płatnej PORTFOLIO Professional oraz PORTFOLIO Premium;
    • STATISTICS User Page;
    • the lack of banners and advertising content on the User Page;
    • no obligation log on every 90 days under pain of removal Account.
  • The methods of payment.
    • płatność za usługi odpłatne określone w Regulaminie i cenniku świadczone przez Serwis, dokonywane są przez system PayU lub przelewem bankowym na konto nr 83 1090 1694 0000 0001 0657 4217 Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.;
    • Serwis ma możliwość wystawiania i udostępniania Użytkownikowi faktur VAT w formie elektronicznej;
    • Użytkownik wyraża zgodę na wystawianie faktury VAT bez jego podpisu i doręczanie jej drogą elektroniczną;
    • faktury będą dostępne do pobrania po zalogowaniu na Koncie Użytkownika;
    • The User can require issuing and sending invoices in paper form;
    • aby otrzymać fakturę za usługę należy wypełnić formularz dostępny na Koncie Użytkownika, podając dane: Imię i nazwisko / Firma, adres, NIP.
  • Zasady szczególne dotyczące usług odpłatnych.
    • o zbliżającym się terminie wygaśnięcia usługi płatnej Użytkownik zostanie poinformowany stosowną informacją na Skrzynkę e-mail 14 i 7 dni przed wygaśnięciem usługi oraz w dniu wygaśnięcia usługi płatnej - informacja o upływającym terminie usługi płatnej będzie również dostępna na Koncie Użytkownika;
    • jeśli termin wygaśnięcia usługi upłynie, a Administrator nie stwierdził wpływu środków w wysokości pozwalającej na przedłużenie usługi o kolejny okres abonamentowy, Użytkownik traci przywileje z zakresu usługi opisanej w pkt 7:
      • on the User Page will be displayed up to three pages - CUSTOM page, SLIDES page, MUSIC page;
      • on the SLIDES page and MUSIC page will be limited number to the first 10 of displayed images/ videos/ mp3;
      • access to iPORTFOLIO Box will be locked;
      • Strona Użytkownika, Zakładki (podstrony) i zawarte na nich dane, zdjęcia, filmy, mp3 oraz Skrzynka iPORTFOLIO mogą zostać przywrócone w momencie odnotowania przez Administratora wpływu środków w wysokości pozwalającej na aktywowanie odpowiedniej usługi płatnej;
    • costs incurred in connection with activation services are non-refundable, except as expressly provided in this Annex;
    • gdy wysokość wpłaconej przez Użytkownika kwoty nie pozwala na aktywowanie odpłatnej usługi, wolne środki mogą zostać zadysponowane przez Użytkownika tylko w sposoby opisane w pkt e. poniżej;
    • in any case, when the User's Account are free cash not used to activate the service, the Administrator will not do anything with them until they get clear instructions from the User who paid them, and the User can:
      • zażądać zaliczenia wolnych środków na poczet przedłużenia aktywnej już usługi, o taki okres, na jaki wystarczy kwota wolnych środków, które mogą być pobrane na poczet opłaty za usługę na kolejny okres rozliczeniowy lub zamienić na inną usługę;
      • request repayment of free cash;
      • dopłacić kwotę niezbędną do aktywacji odpowiedniej usługi - Administrator po stwierdzeniu wpływu środków w wysokości pozwalającej na aktywowanie usługi, dokona tego automatycznie na zasadach odpowiednich do pkt 3.

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